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Battle Pass: Season of Hunt

Season of the rewards hunt starts with a brand new Battle Pass: get new skins, avatars, and frames, as well as replenish the stock of in-game resources!


From July 15, 2021 to September 15, 2021.


Participate in battles and earn Battle Pass XP to level up Battle Pass and receive rewards.

There are 51 levels with rewards in Battle Pass. Some of the level rewards are free. To unlock others, you need to upgrade your Battle Pass to Elite. This can be done in the Battle Pass section. Upgrade cost:

  • Standard Elite Pass — 800 PrimeCoins.

  • Elite Pass PLUS (+20 levels skip) — 1,800 PrimeCoins.

All Elite Pass owners will also receive +25% bonus to Battle Pass XP for each battle. Thus, you can level up Battle Pass and get rewards faster.


Free rewards:

  • Uncommon skin ABSOLUTE ZERO для Magnus, MR5, Preacher, Ultimate, SG870, and VK-15

  • Avatar THE WISE and avatar frame RED STEEL

  • 53 Resource Containers

IMPORTANT: Level 51 with free reward can be completed up to 50 times.

Elite rewards:


  • Epic skin HUNTRESS for VISION

  • Epic skin LUNAR for MRX

  • Epic skin RONIN for MKE14

  • Uncommon skin GRUNGE for MR5A, VK-12, Genesis, VKP-16, and TGT

  • Avatars ODOKURO and GAMER ZONE

  • Avatar frames DOOM GATES and SOLID SNAKE

  • Emote DEAD SHOT for VISION

  • 800 PrimeCoins

  • 30 uncommon, 25 rare, and 10 epic Weapon XP Cards

  • 20 uncommon, 10 rare, and 10 epic Prime XP Cards

Also, when you upgrade a Battle Pass to Elite Pass PLUS, you will immediately receive:


  • Avatar frame FOUR REALMS

  • Hologram JUST DO IT for VISION

  • Rare skin TALON for Interceptor


Resource Containers are one of free Battle Pass rewards. Each container includes 1 reward from the list:

  • 1 Epic (2,000 XP) Weapon XP Card

  • 1 Epic (2,000 XP) Prime XP Card

  • 5 Rare (500 XP) Weapon XP Cards

  • 5 Rare (500 XP) Prime XP Cards

  • 10 Uncommon (100 XP) Weapon XP Cards

  • 10 Uncommon (100 XP) Prime XP Cards

  • 15 Common (25 XP) Weapon XP Cards

  • 15 Common (25 XP) Prime XP Cards

  • 1,000 BattleCoins


The season of the rewards hunt has already started. So, do not waste your time: battle, level up, and get rewards. See you on the battlefield!


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