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Battle Pass: Thunderbird Operation

Battle. Level up. Get rewards.

Join the THUNDERBIRD Operation. New skins for Primes and weapons, containers with customization, and valuable in-game resources are waiting for you. And now it is even easier to get all of them. No more missions. Just play the game and earn XP to unlock Battle Pass levels and collect rewards.

As usual, you have two variants of Battle Pass: free and elite.

All players can get for free BattleCoins, skins from the Ace collection, as well as containers with customization for Primes and weapons.

Get the Elite Pass and receive more rewards, including:

  • Rare skin of the elite Harbingers squad THUNDERBIRD for THUNDER

  • Rare skin KNOCKOUT for compact shotgun Preacher

  • Rare skin HEARTACHE for machine gun MG60M

  • Enhanced containers with skins for Primes and weapons


Upgrade Battle Pass to Elite and complete all Operation THUNDERBIRD levels to earn 500 PrimeCoins back for use in-game, which can be used to buy the next Elite Pass or Store Bundles.


There are 50 levels in the current Battle Pass. When you unlock the last level, you will receive the container with Ace collection skins. However, Operation THUNDERBIRD won’t end here. Continue to play and earn EXP to receive up to 49 additional Ace containers for the last level of the Battle Pass.


All Elite Pass owners will also receive a + 25% bonus to Battle Pass EXP. Thus, you can level up and receive rewards faster.


You can upgrade Battle Pass to Elite in the Battle Pass section. Upgrade price:

  • Standard Elite Pass — 500 PrimeCoins

  • Elite Pass PLUS (+15 level skip) — 1,200 PrimeCoins.


Operation THUNDERBIRD Battle Pass will become available with the release of the new update. So, time is running out: battle, level up, and get rewards. See you on the battlefield!

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