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Battle Prime: First-Person Experience

Available in the Ranked FPS Battle.

Battle Prime was originally designed as a third-person shooter. However, right after the launch of the project our players' community began clamoring us to add the first-person perspective to the game, and we have listened to them. We started experimenting with changing the perspective of the camera in battle, conducted a lot of internal tests, and as a result created the Ranked FPS Battle.

After several successful external tests among small groups of players, we decided to make it available to everyone.

In the Ranked FPS Battle, you can play in the classic Team Deathmatch mode: you must kill enemies to earn victory points. Each killed enemy brings your team 3 victory points. The team, which first scores 100 victory points, wins. If the battle ends before one of the teams reaches the score limit, the team with the most points wins.

You can select Team Deathmatch for the Ranked FPS Battle in the battle mode selection menu:

We believe that a lot of fans of shooter games will like the first-person view. It will allow players to have a different look at our maps and will make the scale feel even bigger than it does when you’re in the third person. Also, being able to see our environments up close allows players to get an even better look at how much effort went into their designs and game graphics.

However, the process of bringing a first-person perspective to a third-person game was pretty challenging. That is why there might be some visual bugs. We know about them and are going to improve the first-person mode to make it even better.


We welcome your feedback on the first-person perspective. You can share it on our official social media, as well as in the official Discord.


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