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Super Test: All you need to know

Find out how to join the ranks of super testers and have a first look at upcoming versions of Battle Prime.

Battle Prime super test allows all participants to have a first look at all-new game features and gameplay changes that will be available in the upcoming version. Also, we encourage all super testers to provide detailed feedback on various technical issues during the super test period. We will be monitoring it closely, so we could fix as many issues as we can for the launch of the version.


First things first! To become the super tester, you need to be an active Battle Prime player and provide the following information:

  1. Your Google ID or Apple ID

  2. Player name and player tag

  3. Country of residence

  4. Number of Trophies

  5. Your tag in Discord (you must be a member of our Discord server)

Send this information on

Super testers will be chosen based on a variety of factors, including (but not limited to) their region, when they signed up, their device specifications, in-game progress, and an element of luck.

If you have not received an invitation to the Super Test, do not be discouraged. Maybe next time it is you who will become the super tester.

Also, note that we check the mailbox every time before starting the next Super Test. So, it may take a while before you receive an invitation to join the Test.

Below are the minimum specs to play the Battle Prime super test version.


  • Operating System: Android 8

  • Memory: 4 GB RAM

  • Storage: 2,5 GB


  • Operating System: iOS 10

  • Device model: iPhone 6

  • Storage: 2,5 GB

Additional information about joining and participating in Super Tests you can find in our official Discord.


It is forbiden to share any information, including screenshots and videos recorded from test versions of the game client, about Super Test.

Also the following are prohibited:

  • offensive and obscene language;

  • provocations and rough trolling;

  • threats and persecutions;

  • insulting race, nationality, religion;

  • advertising products or services;

  • modern politics discussion;

  • spam and flood;

  • personal data distribution;

  • publication of content in any way linked with Nazism, extremism and radical movements;

  • erotic and pornographic content;

  • discussing any activities aimed to violate EULA, Game Rules, and Code of Conduct;

  • discussing administrators' and moderators' decisions;

  • any other content and materials considered by administrators and moderators as inappropriate.

Users who violate any of these rule will be removed from the super test.


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