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Progression System Redesign

Check the details on the reworked progressions system.

We have reworked the progression system in Battle Prime. Check the details bellow.

We have removed all attachments and perks from the weapon and Prime rewards chains respectively. Almost all attachments and perks are new, so we removed all your current perks and attachments — you will receive 10,000 BattleCoins for each your attachment or perk as a compensation.

In addition, we have redesign the amount of experience needed per level Prime/weapon level. For example:

If you had 25,000 XP on the Shock before the change, which corresponded to level 16, after the change, we will translate that to a new level that corresponds to the same 25,000 experience in the new system, such as level 6.

The account level system has also changed. We have reduced the number of levels and redistributed the content within levels.

The maximum level is now 35, and if you were at level 35 or higher, your level will remain the same. Everything you received at your account level will be retained after the change. Progress per level will remain unchanged. If you received content before reaching your current level, we will credit it to you.

We have also decided to remove the Common/Uncommon/Epic/Legendary experience cards from the system. All cards will be compensated with new cards in accordance with the change in experience per upgrade levels. The Prime card will now be provide you with 10 XP, and the weapon card will provide 20 XP.

In addition, we want to inform you that all boosters will be removed, and the effect of active boosters will be canceled. The compensation for removed boosters:

  • Common — 1000 BattleCoins

  • Uncommon — 2000 BattleCoins

  • Rare — 3000 BattleCoins

  • Epic — 4000 BattleCoins

  • Legendary — 5000 BattleCoins

Please note that all chests in your inventory will be opened.

These changes will allow us to improve the upgrade system and make the game more balanced. We hope you will enjoy these changes and continue to enjoy our game!


We welcome your feedback on the latest changes to Battle Prime. You can share it on our official social media, as well as in the official Discord.


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