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Clans and Chat

Join the clan and discuss the winning strategy in the squad chat.

We continue developing various social features for Battle Prime, and in update 4.0 we are ready to introduce a clan system and chat for squads.


A clan is a community of players united by a common goal. Joining the clan makes it much easier to find allies to play in a squad, as well as provides access to the clan chat, in which other players can help you with advice.

Clans are available in the Social section. There are two types of clans in the Battle Prime: with an open or closed membership. To join the clan with a closed membership, you need to send an entry request that should be approved by the clan's administration.

Clan creation costs 100,000 BattleCoins.

While creating a clan, you need to:

  • Select an emblem of your clan.

  • Enter its name and tag.

  • Provide a brief description of your clan. Tell players about its features, goals, and requirements for joining.

  • Select if it will be a clan with an open or closed membership.

  • Select the clan's region.


In addition to clan chat, squad chat also debuts in the update 4.0. In squad chat you can discuss the upcoming battle and develop a winning strategy together with your allies.

Both clan and squad chats are available in the Chat tab of the Social section.


Remember! Fighting in Battle Prime with friends is even more exciting. Search for allies, team up in squads, and join the clan to get the most out of the game!


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