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Competetive Season IV

Battle, earn Trophies, and claim rewards!

It’s time to prove your skill. Join the ranked battles, earn Trophies, climb the leaderboard, and receive cool seasonal rewards. The competitive season IV of Battle Prime starts on May 5, 2021!

Ranked battles are available to all players. For each match in Battle Prime you receive Trophies. The total number of your Trophies shows your rank. Increase your rank to move from one league to another, climb the leaderboard, and get rewards.

There are seven leagues in total: Fighter, Warrior, Master, Champ, Veteran, Hero, and Legend.

With the season’s start, the rank of all players resets. You need to complete 10 calibration battles to determine your starting rank in the current season.


In addition to experiencing the thrill of victory, players can also unlock exclusive seasonal avatars and avatar frames for reaching certain leagues and divisions.

NOTE! The reward is accrued as soon as you reach the corresponding league or division. If you have lost your Trophies and moved to a lower level, the reward will not be accrued when you reach this league or division again.


At the end of Season IV, the best Battle Prime players at the top of the global leaderboard will receive PrimeCoins:

  • 1st–3rd places – 1,000 PrimeCoins.

  • 4th–10th places – 500 PrimeCoins.

  • 11th–100th places – 100 PrimeCoins.


Season IV will go live soon: battle and earn Trophies, increase your rank and claim rewards!


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