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Custom Battles

Learn how to create and customize your own match.

Players can create their own, tailor-made Battle Prime experience and then open it up to their friends or anyone who wants to play along thanks to Custom Battles.


Custom Battle is a special battle type, where you can create your own match, select desired battle mode and map, and then either invite only your friends or teammates to join or provide access to everyone.

Thus, this new battle type gives players not only the power to create their own games, but also provide tools to organize training, conduct community tournaments, or just run fun battles with friends and random players.


Creating a Custom Battle is easy.

1. Enter the battle mode selection menu.


3. Tap CREATE.

Now, you need to enter the name of your custom battle, as well as its description and password. You can use the password to create a private battle. So, players will either need your invitation or the password to join. However, if you want to put your creation to the test, don’t use the password to set your battle as public and let anyone join.

Also, you have to select one of the battle modes to set the rules of your match and the map on which the battle will take place. All battle settings can be changed during the game in the lobby of your match.

After you create your custom battle, you can invite your friends to join, assign them to teams, or appoint them as spectators. The latter is especially important when running community tournaments.

If you’re not in the mood to create your own battle, simply join one of the already created matches or hunt for a specific battle by typing its name in the search field.

NOTE! Players do not receive trophies, XP, or in-game currency for playing in custom battles.


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