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Events, Bonuses, and Rewards

Login daily, complete weekly missions, and claim cool rewards!

With the release of update 4.0, a new section called Activities appears in Battle Prime, where you can find various in-game events and bonuses.


Event is a series of thematic missions that are limited in time. Complete event missions to get additional rewards.

Three events are currently available in the game:

  • Basic training. It is a series of special missions that are available only to newbies. These missions will allow them to master the basics of the game.

  • Weekly contracts are various missions for completing which you need to use certain weapons or play as specific Prime.

  • Weekend playlist is a series of missions that need to be completed in various game modes.

These tasks are available only on weekends.

Weekly Contracts and Weekend Playlist become available when you receive 50 Trophies in the Trophy Road. Missions and rewards of these events are updated every week.


Bonuses are rewards that players can receive for login into the game.

The following bonuses are currently active in the game:

  • Rookie Rewards. This is a daily login bonus, which is available only to newbies.

  • Daily Rewards. This is a standard daily login bonus. To gain access to the Daily Rewards, new players must first receive Rookie Rewards.


Complete event missions and get rewards. A lot of valuable prizes are waiting for you, including common and enhanced containers with skins for Primes and weapons, as well as Battlecoins.

And, of course, do not forget to return to the game every day for your bonus!


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