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Gameplay Improvements

Reworked progression system and weapons balance.

Battle Prime is a fast-paced shooter. That is why a player's skill is an essential part of it. Therefore, our goal is to set equal conditions for everyone and make sure that the outcome of the battle depends not on the weapons’ power but the skills of players.

Over the last few months, we have carefully analyzed gameplay and followed your feedback. Based on the received data and taking into account your suggestions, we provide several changes to the progression system and weapons balance in update 3.0:

  • Prime Agents, whom you cannot get in the Trophy Road or Battle Pass, now can be unlocked with BattleCoins or PrimeCoins, as well as received as a reward from elite supply crates.

  • Weapons and attachments, which you cannot get in the Trophy Road, now can be unlocked with BattleCoins or received as a reward from both common or elite supply crates.

  • At the moment, rareness grades are removed, while all weapons in the game are balanced between themselves, taking into account their updated characteristics.

  • BattleСoins earnings for the battle are almost doubled, so you can quicker get the desired reward!

Thus, the new progression system allows getting almost all the content in the game at any time. Just be active, play the game, and earn BattleCoins to unlock desired heroes, weapons, and attachments!

In its turn, the new weapons balance will slightly increase the pace of battle and make the gameplay more interesting, transparent, and equal for all.

All these improvements became possible thanks to the feedback from players, and we appreciate you helping us.


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