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Invite friends, get rewards!

Everything you need to know about the Battle Prime referral program.

Battle Prime has a referral program: you can invite friends to join you in the game, complete missions, and receive valuable rewards.


Everyone can join the program. Enter the ACTIVITIES section and check the RECRUITMENT event. This is the referral program of Battle Prime. On the event screen you can find all missions that you and your invited friends should complete to get rewards.


To invite your friends to join Battle Prime, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the SOCIAL section.

  2. In the FRIENDS tab tap the INVITE FRIENDS button.

  3. Choose how you want to invite your friends: share the link that the game will automatically generate on social media or send this link directly.

NOTE! If your friend already has a Battle Prime account, they cannot be connected to the program as the invited players. The system is valid only for new registrations and only by your unique link.


Join the referral program and get rewards for your and your friends' achievements!


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