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Join the Skirmish

A new time-limited battle mode Skirmish is coming to Battle Prime! The dynamic battles in the 3v3 format are waiting for you.

The battle in Skirmish mode is divided into rounds. To win the battle, you need to win 5 rounds out of 9.

To win a round, you need to kill all enemies or capture the flag, which becomes available at the end of the round. If none of the teams captures the flag and the opposing team won’t be eliminated, the team in which the most players survived wins the round.

Note! Skirmish requires special tactics and honed teamwork, especially since there are no respawns or a chance to change Prime during the round. Therefore, act wisely and think over a strategy, consider pairing up with a friend and fight in a squad to defeat your opponents.

Skirmish is an arcade battle, so you won’t receive Trophies for battles in this mode. Still, you can earn BattleCoins in it, as well as complete missions of Battle Pass and other in-game activities.

Skirmish mode unlocks when you reach 80 Trophies in the Trophy Road. It can be selected in the game mode selection menu. Also, remember that Skirmish is a time-limited mode, so do not miss the chance to fight in dynamic 3v3 battles!


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