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Letter from the Team I

Let's discuss some of the upcoming changes.

Hello, everyone!

This is the Battle Prime team.

First, we would like to apologize to all our players for various technical issues after the latest major patch – update 6.0, which was released on October 29th.

We wanted to release this update as soon as possible so that you can enjoy new content, including a redesigned progression system, a new Battle Pass, a referral program, a rewards calendar, the 1st official competitive season, and much more. However, due to some unexpected circumstances that we could not influence and the current situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19), the release of version 6.0 was delayed.

Although our development, QA, and operations teams used this delay to do everything they could to improve the version's stability and fix as many bugs as possible, we were not able to solve all problems of this update. Therefore, now one of our main goals is to fix technical issues that negatively affect the gameplay. And it is not just about the problems that happened after the 6.0 release. We are also working hard to stabilize the network connection and optimize the game for as many devices as possible to improve your gaming experience.

Some of you already have noticed that we have been releasing small DLC updates over the last few weeks. These micro-patches allow us to provide quick in-game changes and solve various technical issues as soon as the corresponding fixes are ready.

Unfortunately, fixing all the problems will take much longer than we originally thought. However, our team will continue to work at the same pace. We believe that with your support and feedback, we will cope with our goal.

Most of the upcoming patches will still be server-updates (DLC format). However, some fixes will require client updates. Still, some client patches will be optional: you will be able to continue playing the game without installing the latest version of the game.

As usual, all iOS users will be able to install the latest version of the game from the AppStore. Android players will have to download the apk file with the latest version of the client (if the update is not optional) because Battle Prime is temporarily unavailable on Google Play – although we hope that this situation will be resolved very soon.

Thank all of you for your patience, understanding, and support. Together we will make Battle Prime better!

Sincerely, the Battle Prime team.


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