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Letter from the Team II

Let's talk about the current progression system and its upcoming changes.

Hello everyone!

The Battle Prime team is back.

Today we would like to talk about the changes in the progression system that were introduced with the release of the Update 6.0.

For a pretty long time, we have followed your feedback and analyzed various in-game data. At some point, it became obvious that the progression system that existed before the release of 6.0 was not effective. It did not allow us to solve some important game issues, including drawbacks of weapons and Primes balance, as well as some matchmaking problems. That is why we decide to change the progression system and make this first step into the brighter future of Battle Prime.

That is right! We want Battle Prime to become an exciting experience and a powerful journey through endless futuristic battles you would enjoy returning to again and again. Therefore, with each upcoming major update, we will improve the gameplay and provide various changes to make Battle Prime more interesting and enjoyable for everyone.

So, we know that the current progression system is far from perfect. Unfortunately, in the 6.0 update, we did not have time to implement all our ideas. That is why some in-game systems do not work as intended. For example, the ability to level up your Primes and weapons with PrimeCoins is temporary. We are working hard to improve the leveling up system and introduce an alternative to leveling up using PrimeCoins in one of the upcoming patches.

Another issue that many players drew our attention to is BattleCoins, which are not valuable in the current system. We are aware of this problem and are considering various options for solving it. Also, we are working on some balance improvements of new attachments for weapons. These new attachments are very important in the current weapon system. And our goal is to rework attachments to emphasize each gun's features even more and provide a deeper adjustment of your favorite weapons.

Unfortunately, our team needs more time to make all these improvements possible. Firstly, the current situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) makes the development process more complicated. Secondly, we are constantly revising our plan according to your feedback. And we are grateful for your comments – only together will we make Battle Prime better!

Sincerely, the Battle Prime team.


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