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Letter from the Team IV

Let's discuss our current login system and its upcoming changes.

Hello everyone!

The Battle Prime team is back in touch.

First, we would like to apologize for being silent for so long. For the past month and a half, our team has been actively working on the upcoming update and we can’t wait when you will be able to experience it. However, you need to wait a little longer: very soon we will share its details. As for now, let’s talk about near-future plans – about things that awaits you in updates that will be released after the upcoming one.

We would like to dedicate our first letter in 2021 to where the game begins – the login system!

Let’s start with a little reminder of how the login system in Battle Prime works right now. When you launch the app, the game is automatically synchronized with your Game Center or Google Play account, depending on the platform on which you are playing – iOS or Android, respectively. Thus, the progress in the game is tied to your Game Center / Google Play account.

Sure, this approach has some cons: for example, players can not transfer their progress between iOS and Android platforms. Also, we don’t have access to your Game Center / Google Play account info, as we only see related accounts as a numerical value. Therefore, we do not transfer progress between accounts and, as a result, platforms – this allows us to avoid potential fraud and account theft.

On the other hand, by syncing the in-game progress directly to Google Play and Game Center, the time to enter the game and load your game account is significantly reduced. Players don’t need to manually log in every time they launch the app. You just start Battle Prime, the game automatically loads your profile, and in 15 seconds you are in a battle!

However, we understand that many users need an alternative login option. That’s why we are working hard to provide you an option to link your game account and progress to Facebook. Thereby, all players will be able to play seamlessly on different platforms using an account with shared progress.

We will share more details about linking your game account to Facebook in a separate news article closer to the release of this feature, which will be pretty soon (still we need more time to polish it). Moreover, we would be glad to hear your suggestions about other potential login options that could be implemented in the game. Remember, only together we will make Battle Prime better!

Sincerely, the Battle Prime team.


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