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New Feel from the Game

Gyroscope and ragdoll animation support will be added.

You said, we did! In the upcoming update, the gyroscope support will be provided. It will significantly improve the aiming system, which was earlier implemented only by a touchscreen.

Moreover, you will be able to enable ragdoll animations, which are played when Prime dies. Ragdoll animation creates a more correct interaction of objects in the space and provides a variety of cool situations in battle.

You will be able to turn on the gyroscope in the Controls tab in the game settings, and adjust its sensitivity in the Sensitivity tab. To enable ragdoll animation, go to the Audio and Graphics tab — so far, this setting is only available with high graphics mode and not on all devices.

Providing both ragdoll animation and gyroscope support will make battles feel a little more realistic. These new options will be added to the game only thanks to our players' feedback, and we are very grateful for your help. Keep it up!


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