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New weapon and Prime skins

Find out how to get new customization!

In update 4.0, we will add new unique skins for weapons and Primes, that will help you to stand out in battle. You will be able get new skins as a reward for opening Battle Pass stages or from new containers.


There are 7 new containers with skins for weapons and Primes.

Common containers and Enhanced containers include skins for all types of weapons and Primes. Each Common container includes 1 reward, while each Enhanced container includes 3 rewards.

In addition to Common and Enhanced containers, containers with skins for specific types of weapons and Primes also appeared in the game. These containers are very beneficial, especially if you want to get a skin for a certain Prime or a weapon:

  • The Vanguard container includes skins for assault rifles.

  • The Sentinel container includes skins for machine guns.

  • The Saboteur container includes skins for sniper rifles.

  • The Hunter container includes skins for shotguns.

  • The Specialist container includes skins for handguns and submachine guns.

You can also find skins for Primes that use the corresponding weapons in these containers. As in the case of Enhanced containers, each of these containers include 3 rewards.

Also, new containers with skins introduce a new mechanic, thanks to which, by opening a certain number of containers, you are guaranteed to receive a skin of a specific rarity grade. For example, each 5th Enhanced container includes at least 1 rare skin, and each 10th Enhanced container - at least 1 epic skin.

NOTE! There are no duplicate skins in containers. If you get the skin that you already have, you will receive a corresponding compensation in BattleCoins.

You can receive containers with skins as a reward for opening Battle Pass stages, for various in-game activities, or purchase them in the Store. To find out whether the container includes the necessary skin for your favorite hero or weapon, check the list of rewards that are contained in it.

You can find all received containers in the Storage.


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