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Patch Notes – April 1, 2020

The new update has gone live, introducing the reworked progression system and weapon balance, as well as new skins, extended in-game settings, improved gameplay and optimizations.


In patch 3.0 the 3rd season of Battle Prime starts. Players will be able to get the deadly ISOTOPE into their Primes Collection, as well as unlock the stylish skins for your agents and replenish reserves of BattleCoins and supply containers keys.

As usual, you will have two variants of Battle Pass: free and elite.

The Elite Pass costs 1,200 PrimeCoins and provides access to 70 stages with elite rewards among which:

  • Prime Agent ISOTOPE.

  • 9 skins for Prime Agents, including new skins for THUNDER and QUARTERBACK.

  • A total of 1,080,000 BattleCoins, 11,200 common keys, and 50 elite keys.

All players can get for free:

  • Skins for SHOCK, VITYAZ, and POISON, which earlier could only be unlocked with PrimeCoins.

  • A total of 320,000 BattleCoins and 2,800 common keys.

Also, in the new season, we reworked daily and weekly missions, making them more balanced in terms of difficulty. Complete Battle Pass missions to open stages and receive seasonal rewards.


In Battle Prime we want to provide equal chances to win for everyone and make sure that the outcome of the battle depends not on the weapons' power but the skills of players. Therefore, over the last few months, we have carefully analyzed gameplay and followed your feedback. Based on the received data and taking into account your suggestions, we provide several changes to the progression system and weapons balance:

  • Prime Agents, whom you cannot get in the Trophy Road or Battle Pass, now can be unlocked with BattleCoins or PrimeCoins, as well as received as a reward from elite supply crates.

  • Weapons and attachments, which you cannot get in the Trophy Road, now can be unlocked with BattleCoins or received as a reward from both common or elite supply crates.

  • At the moment, rareness grades are removed, while all weapons in the game are balanced between themselves, taking into account their updated characteristics.

  • BattleСoins earnings for the battle are almost doubled, so you can quicker get the desired reward!

Thus, the new progression system allows getting almost all content in the game at any time. Just be active, play the game, and earn BattleCoins to unlock desired heroes, weapons, and attachments. In its turn, the new weapons balance will slightly increase the pace of battle and make the gameplay more interesting, transparent, and equal for all.

Also, in update 3.0:

  • The possibility to unite up to 6 players in a squad has been added.

  • The gyroscope support has been added. Gyroscope significantly improves the aiming system.

  • Ragdoll animations, which are played when Prime dies, have been added.

  • A glare from the sniper rifles sights has been added. Glare makes it easier to detect sniper positions.

  • Icons for Jump and Crouch commands have been updated to make it easier to navigate in the interface in battle.

  • The accrual of victory points in the Harvest mode was revised. Collecting allies tokens are no longer awarded with victory points.

  • The accrual of Deadly!, Cruel!, Brutal!, Apocalyptic! and Savage! achievements has been reworked. Now these achievements are given respectively for 2 (previously 5), 4 (previously 10), 6 (previously 15), 8 (previously 20) and 10 (previously 25) kills without dying.

  • A table with the team results after battle has been added. The following stats of each player are represented in the table: damage, the number of kills and deaths, as well as the kills/deaths ratio.


To reward players for the time they devote to the game and acknowledge their skill, we introduce a leaderboard — the official rating of the best Battle Prime players.

In the leaderboard, you can find out your position in the global rating and the local one (only your region). The leaderboard is directly related to the Trophy Road: the number of trophies earned per battle corresponds to the number of rating points received.

Right now, the leaderboard shows the rating of players since the release of Battle Prime, that is, since December 2019. Until the end of the 3rd season, we will analyze and, if necessary, adjust the scoring process to finalize the rating system and then introduce appropriate rewards for all who actively competed with other players for a certain period.


Now all settings are divided into 4 tabs (Control, Sensitivity, Video and sound and Other). Also, tips have been added for most settings.

Gyroscope settings have been added to the Control and Sensitivity tabs. You can enable/disable the gyroscope, enable/disable its vertical and horizontal inversion, as well as adjust its sensitivity from the 3rd person and in the ADS mode.

Audio settings have been added to the Audio and Graphics tab, including master volume, music volume, voice assistant volume, interface volume, and effects volume.


Matchmaking and battle loading screens have been updated.

The button Add to friends on the MVP screen after battle has been added.

The Menu icon in battle has been replaced by the Settings icon (gear). When you click on it, the Settings immediately opens.

The Settings icon now can be moved when you customize the button layout for the battle HUD.

Screens with game modes rules have been added. The screen is shown, when the player enters the mode for the first time, so that newbies can better understand its rules.

The criteria of appearance for the indicators of the Internet connection quality in battle has been reconfigured. Yellow indicator informs that some problems are possible that do not affect the gameplay. Red indicator informs that network problems make it impossible to play.

The overall game performance has been improved and a number of technical issues have been addressed, including:

  • Various connection issues.

  • An issue wherein several accounts could be created on the device, which led to the loss of the in-game progress.

  • An issue wherein the game freezes on some iOS devices while loading the battle.

  • An issue wherein the game crashes after a long lock of the device screen.

  • An issue wherein the game crashes on some iOS devices, when players enter the battle.

  • An issue wherein the game crashes on some iOS devices, when enemy death animation was played.

  • An issue wherein some objects on the Bunker map were not shown in battle.

  • An issue wherein the game freezes on some Android devices when players shift to the ADS mode in battle.

  • An issue wherein the battle load never ended, while the sounds of battle were heard.

  • An issue wherein the game freezes on the battle loading screen.

  • An issue wherein the game freezes on the login screen when your relogin in the game after its crash.

  • An issue wherein the player waited for a long time for the battle to be loaded, but it did not happen, and he was returned to the main game screen.

  • An issue wherein the incorrect quickdraw magazine icon for the P1 and G71 pistols was shown.

  • An issue wherein the Prime Agent after changing his/her weapon still held the old one.


Let us know what you think about the new progression system and new Battle Pass missions, balance improvements and other changes, so we can make Battle Prime even better!


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