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Patch Notes – April 29, 2020

We have reduced the number of players in squads.


After the update 3.0 release, we have carefully analyzed gameplay and followed your feedback. Based on the received data, we concluded that squads of up to 6 players harmed gameplay and in-game balance. That is why we decided to reduce the number of players in the squad up to 3. This change will make the teams more balanced and the battles fairer.

Besides that, we changed the rules of matchmaker for squads, so that squad should be matched against the squad with the same number of players. However, if it will take too long for the matchmaker to find the enemies, the rules will be simplified.


The controller settings have been added.

The effects on the game loading screen have been improved.

The text has been aligned under the “LEADERS” button on the lobby screen.

Improved game performance and various technical issues have been addressed, including:

  • Various sound issues in the game.

  • An issue wherein the battle does not start if one player left the squad (at least of 3 players) and does not tap the “Ready” button.

  • An issue wherein some players experience problems with downloading DLC on Android devices.


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