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Patch Notes — August 16, 2023

Check the details on the latest in-game changes, including reworked progression, activities, and gameplay systems.


Hello! This is the Battle Prime team. We have prepared a new update featuring a fresh season and plenty of system changes.

Check the details below.


Season of the Reload is a new beginning for our Battle Pass mechanics. Here are the main changes:

  • To level up Battle Pass, players need to complete Daily and Weekly Missions.

  • The last (repeated) level is Elite and it provides Roulette Tokens as a reward.

  • Roulette Tokens needed to spin the Battle Pass Roulette. This Roulette also features themed customisation and various useful resources, including PrimeCoins.


Progression have been significantly reworked in this update, taking into account players feedback, received data, and potential for future gameplay features and system scaling.


First of all, we have added an option to earn Account XP in for completing Daily and Weekly Missions as an additional reward. It will help players to progress faster.

When the player earns enough Account XP and reaches the new account level, it will get either resources as a reward or will unlock gameplay content, like Primes or Weapons, for purchasing it with the in-game currency — BattleCoins or PrimeCoins.


  • All rewards, that players have already earned via Account, will stay with them.

  • Getting a customisation for a Prime or a weapon the player does not have, does not unlock this Prime or weapon any more.

Prime and Weapon Progression

In terms of Prime and weapon progression, to level up Primes and weapons, you will need corresponding Blueprints and BattleCoins.

Blueprints can be obtain as a reward in various in-game activities or from Containers and BattlePacks.

After players receive and open BattlePack and Container, or claim/receive Blueprints as a reward, Blueprints will randomly distribute among all content that is available to them.


BattlePacks are special containers that players receive for in-game activities, as well as for playing and winning battles.

You can find widget with Standard and Enhanced BattlePacks for battles and victories in the lobby.

Perks and Attachments

Because now players need BattleCoins to level up Primes and weapons, we decided to return perks and attachments unlock along with the Prime/weapon upgrade respectively.

Now when the player reaches a corresponding Prime/weapon level, it will unlock not one perk or attachment, but the group of them. For example, on the 3rd level of Shock you will unlock perks that will help to increase his vitality.

Perks and attachments have been reworked in this version as well. So, we have written them of with a compensation:

  • 50,000 BattleCoins for each perk;

  • 25,000 BattleCoins for each attachment.

However, if the player already has Prime or weapon of a some level, perks and attachments that correspond to this level will available to the player.



In this update, we have upgraded our tech, so it helped us to rework balance for all weapons and Primes significantly, as well as improve various gameplay mechanics.

The main goal was to make every Prime and every gun matter and feel different.

Thunder Ability

Thunder's ability has been reworked. Now it is called VOLTAGE ZONE.

Voltage Zone increases fire rate and reload speed for allies and decreases these stats for enemies.

Robee — New Prime

Robee is a new legendary Prime, and first Prime with two abilities.

Basic ability is MOLOTOV.

Molotov creates a fire zone that deals damage to all enemies inside

Ultimate ability is PLASMA GUN.

Plasma Gun fires bursts of swirling blue plasma that deals heavy damage to enemies.

You will be able to get Robee later this season.

Pick System Update

We want to players to use various Primes during battle to make the gameplay feel more variable, so we've decided to rework pick system by adding cooldown:

  • When your Prime died for a first time it will have a 30 second cooldown.

  • With each next death this cooldown will increase by 30 seconds as well.

  • If you have "lost' all your Primes, the Prime with the smallest cooldown will become available for a pick.


  • The extended game settings have been added, including:

    • Various new control modes presets.

    • Crosshair customisation.

    • Fire zone as an alternative to Left fire button.

    • PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series controls support.

    • New HUD while using the Controller.

  • Various UI fixes and optimisations, including:

    • Reworked Events tab.

  • Prime and weapon rarity visual support.

  • Various new in-game screens, like info screen about compensation, etc.

  • Ads feature was added.

  • Various bug fixes and optimisations.


We welcome your feedback on the latest changes to Battle Prime. You can share it on our official social media, as well as in the official Discord.


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