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Patch Notes – August 19, 2020

The new update has gone live, introducing 8 new battle modes, Custom Battles, clan leaderboard, new skins for Primes and weapons, as well as improved gameplay, and optimizations.


The KARAKURT Operation Battle Pass has been added to the game.

The new Battle Pass will last for 4 weeks. There are 50 stages with rewards, including uncommon and rare skins, containers with customization, and in-game currency.

As usual, players have two variants of Battle Pass: free and elite. The standard Elite Pass costs 500 PrimeCoins, while the Elite Pass Plus costs 1,200 PrimeCoins and includes 15 stages skips.


The Special Contracts event is available in the Activities section. Players can complete daily and weekly missions to earn additional rewards.


Eight new battle modes have been added, including Sabotage, TDM Rounds, Harvest Rounds, 3v3 Gun-Fu, 6v6 Gun-Fu, Sniper Arena, Duel, and Mini-Domination. All new battle modes are rating battles. Thus, players can earn trophies, XP, and Battlecoins for participating in them.

Note that new battle modes (as well as the Skirmish mode) are available only on certain days of the week. Check the battle mode selection menu to find the information when a particular mode will be available.

Custom Battle has been added. Custom Battle is a special battle type, where you can create your own match, select desired battle mode and map, and then either invite only your friends or teammates to join or provide access to everyone.

You can find more information on this feature in the news article CUSTOM BATTLE.

Quick commands (orders) for better coordination with your team have been added. Check the list of currently available quick commands:

  • Roger!

  • Negative!

  • Attention!


  • Enemy spotted!

  • Defend OBJECTIVE

  • Capture OBJECTIVE

  • Capture OBJECTIVE

  • Ally token

  • Enemy token

The clan leaderboard has been added. It is available in the CLANS section of the SOCIAL menu. Clans are ranked depending on the number of trophies (rating points) in the clan leaderboard.


New skins for Primes and weapons have been added.

New containers with collections of skins have been added. Thus, it becomes easier to get the desired skin.

The Store section has been redesigned and restructured. Sections where you can sometimes find offers for BattleCoins and free bonuses have been introduced.

The overall game performance has been improved, and a number of technical issues have been addressed, including various bugs related to the in-game sound.


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