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Patch Notes — December 22, 2021

Learn more about the latest in-game changes.

Hello! This is the Battle Prime team. We have prepared a new update, featuring some gameplay improvements, a new version of Team Deathmatch for Arcade, a new in-game event, and more.

Check the details below.


We have reworked assault rifles, submachine guns, and machineguns balance based on your feedback and several internal tests. These changes are focused on weapon spread while shooting.

Assault rifles

  • Base spread has been reduced by 30% for all assault rifles.

  • Spread shooting factor has been reduced by 25% for SKR and VK-15.

  • Spread shooting factor has been reduced by 20% for F1.

  • Spread shooting factor has been reduced by 15% for MK16, MK4, F2-M, VK-12, and J36.

Submachine guns

  • Base spread has been reduced by 15% for MR5 Compact.

  • Base spread has been reduced by 10% for SMG-10, EZI, MR-7, and MR5A.

  • Base spread has been reduced by 5% for A3 SMG and MRX.

  • Spread shooting factor has been increased by 10% for SMG-10 and EZI.

Machine guns

  • Base spread has been reduced by 30% for MG60M.

  • Base spread has been reduced by 25% for PKA, MG249, MG27, MG60, MGC-4, PKR, CMG, and MG-5.

  • Base spread has been reduced by 20% for VKP-16.

An example of the base spread reduction (MK16):

ADS transition time

Also, we have reduced the ADS transition time for FPP. Now it’s the same for all weapons in both FPP and TPP.



  • The reduction of incoming damage from bullets and grenades has been reduced from 50% to 35%.


  • Stun has been disabled.

  • The shaken effect after JUMPER’s landing has increased.


The scoring in the Team Deathmatch and Sniper Arena modes has been changed:

  • for each kill player earns 1 point.

  • team needs to score 35 points to win.

This change will make it easier to understand the scoring in these modes.

Also, we have changed the highlighting of enemies:

  • before the update, enemies were highlighted in red only when you aim on them;

  • after the update, the enemies are highlighted in red as soon as they come into the player's field of view.

This change will allow players to distinguish allies from opponents more clearly.


The new Arcade mode is available. The standard Team Deathmatch has been replaced with CQC TDM.

This new game mode is based on the classic Team Deathmatch: players need to kill enemies to earn victory points. However, there are some changes in it.

  • Battles are held on 5 CQC maps: Convoy, Wasteland, Oldtown, Coastline, and Outpost.

  • Team needs to score 45 points to win.

  • For the 1st kill after spawn/respawn the player receives 1 victory point. For the 2nd kill in a row without dying the player receives 2 victory points. For the 3rd kill and every further kill in a row without dying the player receives 3 victory points.

  • If a player dies, the killstreak combo resets.

Thus, CQC TDM is aimed to become a dynamic game mode in which skilled players can bring victory to their team.


Period: from 22 December 2021 (12:00 UTC) till 2 February 2022 (12:00 UTC).

Complete Winter Chronicles daily missions and earn rewards, including:

  • BattleCoins.

  • 80% and 100% discount coupons for the Winter Chronicles roulette.

So, if you complete all daily Winter Chronicles missions, you will have a free spin of the Winter Chronicles roulette.

Winter Chronicles roulette rewards:

  • Themed cosmetics.

  • Containers with themed cosmetics.

  • 80% discount coupon for the Winter Chronicles roulette.

  • Weapon and Prime XP cards.


The Couponization event has been updated. Now, you can earn 80% discount coupons for Ice Age and Lunar Flames roulettes.


Seasonal missions have been updated. Now players have 2 daily and 5 weekly missions.


New Piggy Banks have been added. As usual, be active, play the game, and fill up your Piggy Bank with PrimeCoins. You can purchase the fully filled Piggy Bank to earn 3 times more PrimeCoins than you can receive for purchasing resources.

Piggy Banks are not available on Android.


  • The list of forbidden words has been updated.

  • The HQ icon on the tutor screen of the Control mode has been fixed.

  • The default position of the FPP button has been changed. After the update the position of your FPP button might change — check the controls layout before the game. If you can’t see the FPP button, reset the controls layout.

  • The signature of the number of points earned by the player on the killcam screen has been fixed.

  • Various bug fixes and optimizations.


We welcome your feedback on the latest changes to Battle Prime. You can share it on our official social media, as well as in the official Discord.


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