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Patch Notes – February 19, 2021

In the latest major update of Battle Prime we are proud to introduce the reworked rating battles, squads search system, as well as new customization. Also we have provided some balance changes, various bug fixes, and optimizations.


The Phoenix Operation Battle Pass:

  • 50 levels with rewards are waiting for you. To level up and receive rewards, you need to battle and earn Battle Pass XP. You can receive a reward for the final Battle Pass level up to 50 times.

  • Rewards for all players include special customization and in-game resources. The main prize — rare and epic skins for Prime VISION. Everyone who upgrades Battle Pass to Elite will be able to receive them.

  • You can upgrade Battle Pass to Elite in the Battle Pass section.

The 3rd competitive season:

  • Join the rating battle, earn Trophies, climb the leaderboard, and receive exclusive seasonal rewards.

  • In addition to experiencing the thrill of victory, players can unlock new seasonal rewards in the Trophy Road. Also, at the end of Season 3, the best Battle Prime players at the top of the global leaderboard will receive PrimeСoins.

New in-game event Couponization:

  • You must complete the mission: win one battle.

  • After completing the mission and claiming progress points, the player receives 1 discount coupon.

  • You can get 10 coupons in total: 1 coupon for 1 completed mission.

  • The mission for one win is updated daily at 12:00 (UTC).


The progress system in the Battle Pass has become more consistent. Now, to level up the Battle Pass, a certain amount of XP is required. The required amount of XP increases with each level.

The squad system has been reworked. The search for squads to join has been added. Also, the private and public squads are available. Any player can join a public squad. These changes will improve the in-game socialization.

We provided some changes to rating battles:

  • The league system has been reworked. Instead of 9 leagues, starting from Season 3, there will be only 7 of them. We have removed the Novice and Elite leagues to simplify the system.

  • We also reduced the number of divisions in the Fighter, Warrior, Master, Champion, Veteran leagues to 3, and in the Hero and Legend leagues to 1.

  • Boundaries of leagues also have changed: Fighter (0–1,399); Warrior (1,400–1,999); Master (2,000–2,599); Champion (2,600–3,199); Veteran (3,200–4,399); Hero (4,400–4,999); Legend ( 5,000+).

  • With the start of the new season, the rating of all players will be 2,500, so everyone will be on an equal footing.

  • To better reflect the player's skill when his rating changes and he moves from one league to another, we have reworked the rating progression system. Now the number of rating points that a player receives at the end of a battle depends on the actual results of the match and the player's skill.

  • Besides, the matchmaker system has been improved — this will allow to create more equal teams and make matches fairer.

We have added to the game:

  • XP boosters. The booster increases the amount of XP earned per battle for an account or a certain Prime/weapon. Currently, boosters can be purchased with some bundles.

  • Discount coupons. The coupon reduces the cost of a draw. It can be purchased or received as a reward for participating in some in-game activities.



  • We have removed the Prime ability charge button. From now, abilities of Primes that you are not playing are charged in the background over time.

  • We have reduced the ability charge time. Also, the ability is charged from the damage you deal.

  • The ability charge speed is now the same in all battle modes.


  • VITYAZ's Arctic Shield reduces 60% of damage from grenades. This change will increase the effectiveness of VITYAZ on the front line in combat.

  • The active time of VISION’s Motion Sensor has been reduced to 5 seconds. Now, using the Motion Sensor will require more tactical skills and coordinated team actions.

  • The time, when POISON's Dirty Bomb lies on the ground not activated, has been reduced to 15 seconds. This change will help to compensate for the reduced ability charge time.


We have added to the game:

  • Skins for weapons and Primes, including some themed skin collections.

  • Two legendary animated skins: Freezer for VK-12 and Cold Snap for ARM. After installation of any of these skins, the rifle shoots ice projectiles, and the enemy killed with such a weapon turns into ice before dying.

  • Emotes and avatars.


Some interface improvements have been provided.

Various bug fixes and optimizations have been provided.


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