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Patch Notes – January 22, 2020

Learn more about the latest changes.

Patch 2.1 will go live tomorrow, introducing new Prime Agent, map and game mode, as well as first skins, expanding friends service functionality, improving optimization, and much more. See details below.


In patch 2.1 the second season of Battle Prime starts. As before, a brand new Battle Pass will be available, including new daily and weekly missions and 100 seasonal rewards. Among exclusive prizes, you’ll find new Prime Agent THUNDER, new weapons, and skins.

Complete Battle Pass missions to open stages and receive seasonal rewards.


THUNDER is armed with a handgun and a machine gun. She can charge up bullets with electricity with her advanced power bank Thunderstruck. Charged bullets not only deal damage but also shakes the target interfering with aiming. If the charged bullet hits the obstacle, the shaking effect will also affect enemies, who are nearby. With each charged shot, electricity overheats THUNDER's weapons, making them harder to control.

THUNDER is an elite reward, which you can get by opening the 15th stage of Battle Pass.


SKYRISE is a classical two-level medium-sized map. Enter the skyscraper’s rooftop and fight on the height of the Bird’s-Eye view. This map is perfect for 6v6 combat, various game modes, and use of all kinds of weapons.

The key position on SKYRISE is the helipad by securing which you will be able to control two main directions of the map. Bearing structures and columns provide reliable covers, while narrow aisles support fast-paced run-and-gun gameplay. Also, expect several sightlines for long- and medium-range engagements.

The map opens when you receive 125 Trophies in the Trophy Road.


Control mode is a race to secure and defend a specific objective on the map. The objective has a limit of victory points, which the team can receive. When the objective runs out of victory points available for one of the teams, it moves to a different position.

The secured objective brings your team 8 victory points each second. The team, which first scores 1,000 victory points, wins. If the battle ends before one of the teams reaches the score limit, the team with the most points wins.

The game mode opens when you receive 250 Trophies in the Trophy Road.


First skins for weapons and Prime Agents debuted in the game. Some skins are rewards for opening Battle Pass stages. Others can be unlocked with PrimeCoins.

You can unlock and install skins on the “SKINS” screen. To do so, go to the PRIMES or ARSENAL window, choose a Prime Agent or a weapon, and then follow to the skin selection menu (tap “ORIGINAL”).


The list of new weapons:

  • MRX — 9mm submachine gun with increased recoil control. High accuracy at close range.

  • CMG — compact manual belt-fed machine gun with an excellent rate of fire and good damage. Effective at medium range.

  • Super SG — smoothbore semi-automatic shotgun with a high rate of fire. It deals great damage and provides almost maximum accuracy at close range.

  • Genesis — a semi-automatic shotgun with a magazine that provides quick reload. Good damage and rate of fire. Effective at close range.

  • P1 — semi-automatic handgun with a good rate of fire and quick reload. Effective at close range.

  • G71 — 9mm handgun firing in bursts of 3 bullets. It provides high accuracy and good recoil control at close range.

  • Preacher — compact shotgun with very great one-shot damage. Effective at short range.

You can get MRX, Super SG, Genesis, G71, and Preacher in Battle Pass. CMG and P1 are basic THUNDER’s weapons.


The jump range of each Prime was increased.

The ability to reload weapons while sprinting was added.

Weapon’s recoil animation while shooting in ADS was reworked.

The virtual joystick was calibrated to improve controls in battle.


Language selection was added to the game settings.

The tag was added to the player’s name. Tag is a unique code that will facilitate the search of friends among the players with the same name. You can find your tag in the Profile window near the players name.

Search players by name or tag and sending them friend requests were added to the FRIENDS window. The amount of players that can be added to your friend list is initially capped at 100.

Also, now you can add friends after the battle. Tap on the player’s name on the screen with the winning team to send him/her a friend request.

The skip of animation of opening the supply crate, when you open several crates in a row, was added.

Lobby UI was improved.

Several known issues were resolved, optimization was improved.


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