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Patch Notes – July 3, 2020

The latest update includes a brand new Battle Pass, as well as weapon balance changes and matchmaker improvements.


The Urban Wave Battle Pass has been added to the game. Within 4 weeks, complete Battle Pass missions and receive seasonal rewards. 50 stages with valuable prizes, including new epic skins for Primes and weapons, are waiting for you.

As usual, you have two variants of Battle Pass: free and elite. You can purchase Elite Pass in the Battle Pass section. The standard Elite Pass costs 500 PrimeCoins, while the Elite Pass Plus (also immediately unlocks 15 Battle Pass stages) costs 1,200 PrimeCoins.


Weapons changes

In the previous update, we tried to make each gun unique. As a result, some weapons turned out to be a little bit more powerful than we planned. That is why now our primary goal is to make all guns in the game equally effective while preserving their unique gameplay.

In this regard, all weapons of the same type were balanced in terms of their combat effectiveness. At the same time, some types of weapons were reworked to make them more balanced among each other.

Machine Guns

  • Increased recoil. Thus, an issue wherein the recoil of machine guns was weaker than the recoil of assault rifles was fixed.

  • Increased damage dropoff. This change will help to avoid situations when heroes with machine guns can overplay snipers on long-range.

  • Decreased single-bullet damage and damage per second. The previous changes of other types of weapons indirectly strengthened machine guns, so we decided to reduce the single-bullet damage slightly and, as a result, the damage per second.

Sniper Rifles

  • Decreased damage dropoff for all sniper rifles (except Interceptor). This change will allow snipers to act in battle more effectively while playing at a safe distance.

  • Increased single-bullet damage for ARM and increased effective firing range for Interceptor. Now, you can kill an enemy with a shot in the body using these rifles and firing from their effective distance. To maintain the balance of other sniper rifles against ARM and Interceptor, we also increased ADS transition time and time between shots for both of them.

  • Exit from ADS after each shot for reloading was turned off for Scout, MS24, and Ultimate, as well as recoil for MKE14 was decreased. These changes will allow players to track the targets better and increase rifles combat effectiveness.


  • Decreased single-shot damage and increased damage dropoff for Genesis. In the previous update, we increased the damage of Genesis. However, it turned out to be too high, so we decided to reduce it a little. Besides that, the effective firing range of this shotgun was too high, given how deadly Genesis can be. Now players will need to get closer to their target to use this shotgun more effectively.

  • Decreased single-shot damage for SG60. Previous changes made SG60 too powerful, so we decided to reduce its damage slightly. This change will allow players to be more effective against enemies armed with SG60.

  • Increased single-shot damage and decreased damage dropoff for PASS-12 while decreased damage dropoff for Super SG. Thus, these changes to non-automatic shotguns will significantly increase their combat effectiveness both within their class and among other weapons in the game.

Assault Rifles

  • Increased single-bullet damage and, as a result, increased damage per second for MK4, F1, F2-M, VK-12, and SKR. These changes will help to make those assault rifles more equal in terms of combat effectiveness to other weapons in the game.

Submachine Guns

  • Increased single-bullet damage and, as a result, damage per second. After the latest balance changes of assault rifles, we also needed to rework submachine guns so they would not lose their effectiveness against other automatic weapons. That is why we increased both single-bullet damage and damage per second. Now all submachine guns can be used more effectively in battles against other guns.


  • Decreased single-bullet damage. In close combat, especially in one-on-one battles, handguns were more powerful than other weapons. To balance this weapon class for such situations, we reduced single-bullet damage for each handgun.

  • An issue wherein P1 handgun shoot pellets was fixed.


We reworked our matchmaker system to make teams more equal and battles fairer. Key changes:

  • Teams will become more equal since we distributed all players to a larger number of groups depending on the number of their trophies. Groups: 0-100 Trophies; 100-250 Trophies; 250-750 Trophies; 750-1,500 Trophies; 1500 Trophies and more. Note: with this fix, the matchmaking waiting time will increase.

  • The number of Trophies will be taken into account in the Skirmish mode matchmaker. This change will make battles more fair and exciting.


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