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Patch Notes – July 9, 2020

The patch 4.1 has been released introducing some minor changes, including interface improvements and various bug fixes.

Additional notifications for in-game activities (like Daily Reward bonus) were added.

Message sending time was added for clan and squad chats.

The detailed information about points received in battle was added on the team results screens.

Improved interface of the Daily Reward bonus. Additional information on the activity mechanics was provided.

Improved interface of the Profile section for some Android devices. Now the league icon won’t overlay the Player Name change button.

The overall game performance has been improved and a number of technical issues have been addressed, including:

  • An issue wherein the battle load never ended, while the sounds of battle were heard.

  • An issue wherein the game froze on the loading screen.

  • An issue wherein skins of Primes and weapons were not displayed during the battle on some devices.

  • An issue wherein some players were not able to unlock THUNDER with BattleCoins or PrimeCoins.

  • An issue wherein some skins of THUNDER were doubled in the list of customization.

  • An issue wherein SHOCK’s grenade was pink while playing on some iOS devices.

  • An issue wherein some in-game notifications were doubled.

  • An issue wherein Prime’s ability could be used between rounds in the Skirmish mode.

  • An issue wherein the progress of mission “Add 5 friends” became negative while deleting players from the friend list.

  • An issue wherein the progress of mission “Unlock 5 Battle Pass stages ” was not counted for some players.


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