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Patch Notes — June 11, 2023

Check the details on the latest in-game changes, including reworked progression, activities, and gameplay systems.

Hello! This is the Battle Prime team. We have prepared a new system update featuring various gameplay changes.

Check the details below.


Progression have been significantly reworked in this update, taking into account players feedback, received data, and potential for future gameplay features and system scaling.


First of all, we have reworked Account Rewards.

Now players do not need to purchase weapons and Primes with BattleCoins after reaching the corresponding Account Level. Players will get this rewards automatically.

If the player have reached the corresponding Account Level prior 12.0 update but did not purchased them it will automatically receive this content after the update.

Primes and weapons

In this version (12.0) we are introducing ranks — a system that provides additional levels for Primes and weapons.

  • From now, each Prime and weapon has 4 ranks.

  • Each rank includes 10 levels.

  • With each rank and level provides Prime and weapon stat increase.

Depending on Prime/weapon rarity it has the default rank:

  • Common — 1st rank.

  • Rare — 2nd rank.

  • Epic — 3rd rank.

  • Legendary — 4th rank.

On max level of the max rarity the stats between items of different rarities are almost the same.

You can see the increase of Shock stats through all 4 ranks:

After the release of 12.0 all your Primes and Weapons will be at their current level of the corresponding rank.

For example, you have Thunder of level 10 now. After the release of 12.0 you will have Thunder of level 10 rank 2.

To upgrade rank you will need Prime and Weapon Tokens. Prime and Weapon Tokens works the same way as Blueprints — drops on targeted Prime/weapon.

Also, we have added 2 new features for Blueprints (and Tokens as well):

  • You receive Blueprints and Tokens only on items that you have.

  • After reaching the max level of the max rank (via level 10 of rank 4), Blueprints and Tokens will be compensated in specific currency.

NOTE: You will be able to use this currency in some time after the 12.0 update release (not at launch).

All Prime perks and weapon attachments that you have will stay after the update. However, you will need to equip them again.


New ultimate skills

We have added new skills to Blast, Poison, and Isotope.

Blast will have a Rocket Launcher as an ultmate skill:

ROCKET LAUNCHER fires rockets with a huge area of effect, which cause colossal damage and knock back both enemies and the owner.

Poison will have a Poison Smoke as an ultimate skill:

POISON SMOKE creates a poisonous cloud that deals periodic damage to enemies, slows them down and after a certain time poisons them with a disease that prevents them from shooting, using abilities, running and jumping.

Isotope's Nuclear Reactor will become an ultimate skill, while Isotope's new signature ability will be Dash:

DASH allows you to push yourself in the direction of movement and throw up nearby opponents.

Ultimate skills for Blast, Poison, Isotope will be unlocked on the 1st level of the 4th rank.

New map

New map Desert Night has been added in rotation for 4 Games Modes:

  • CQC Team Deathmatch

  • Skirmish

  • Harvest

  • Domination


Black Market

First of all, we have reworked our "three chests" event. Now it's called Black Market.

As usual, you have to open containers to get progress.

  • Common Container (opens with Golden Keys) includes Blueprints and BattleCoins or Golden Keys.

  • Rare and Epic Containers (opens with PrimeCoins) includes Blueprints or Tokens and BattleCoins or Golden Keys.

  • Legendary Container — the main reward — includes rare, epic, legendary Primes/weapons or Tokens, as well as Blueprints and BattleCoins or Golden Keys.

Legendary Container does not provide duplicates of Primes and weapons. It means, that if you have specific Prime or weapon, you would not get it from Legendary Container.

If you had Container Cores prior 12.0 update, they will be converted into Golden Keys: for 1 Container Core you will get 1 Golden Key.

Additional Golden Keys can be received from the Spec Ops Contracts, Battle and Victory Containers, and other in-game activities.

New Roulette

We have also added new Roulette with epic skin for Shock, legendary skin for MK16, epic skin for Oxen, as well as Tokens for them.


Also, various minor system changes have been provided:

  • Bundles and offers have been revised based on the in-game economy update.

  • Amount of Battle and Victory Keys per Battle/Victory has been revised, as well as pools of Keys.

  • Various technical fixes and optimizations.

All players will receive PrimeCoins Container Level 1 for updating the game up to 12.0 version.


We welcome your feedback on the latest changes to Battle Prime. You can share it on our official social media, as well as in the official Discord.


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