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Patch Notes – June 4, 2020

The update 4.0 has gone live, introducing the reworked shooting mechanics and weapon balance, as well as new skins, clans, chat, improved gameplay, and optimizations.


The Dark Division Battle Pass has been added to the game.

The new Battle Pass will last for 4 weeks. This time there will be only 50 stages in it.

However, we removed intermediate rewards, such as certificates with discounts on upgrades and weapon attachments that can be unlocked with BattleCoins. Instead, we put new skins for weapons and Primes in Battle Pass, as well as Common and Enhanced containers with skins. Thus, the value of rewards has grossed.

As usual, you have two variants of Battle Pass: free and elite. The standard Elite Pass costs 500 PrimeCoins, while the Elite Pass Plus (also immediately unlocks 15 Battle Pass stages) costs 1,200 PrimeCoins.


A new section called Activities appears in Battle Prime, where you can find various in-game events and bonuses. Complete event missions to get additional rewards. Bonuses are rewards that players can receive for login into the game.

There 5 in-game activities that are available in the game:

  • Daily Rewards. This is a standard daily login bonus.

  • Weekly contracts are various missions for completing which you need to use certain weapons or play as specific Prime.

  • Weekend playlist is a series of missions that need to be completed in various game modes.

  • Rookie Rewards. This is a daily login bonus, which is available only to newbies.

  • Basic training. It is a series of special missions that are available only to newbies. These missions will allow them to master the basics of the game.


Reworked shooting mechanics:

  • Reconfigured recoil and increased shooting range for all weapons.

  • Reduced single-bullet damage, increased rate of fire and total damage per second for assault rifles, submachine guns, and machine guns. Reduced TTK for these types of weapons.

  • Added a short delay before the first shot from a shotgun in automatic shooting mode.

  • Attachments now will have more impact on weapon characteristics.

Added new game mode Skirmish (arcade battle):

  • In Skirmish mode players fight in teams of three (3v3).

  • The battle is divided into rounds. To win the battle, you need to win 5 rounds out of 9.

  • To win a round, kill all enemies or capture the flag, which becomes available at the end of the round.

  • Respawns during the round are disabled. Also, players won’t be able to change Prime during the round.

  • Players won’t receive Trophies for battles in Skirmish mode.

  • Skirmish mode unlocks when a player reaches 80 Trophies in the Trophy Road.

Added the game mode selection.

Added the selection of the navigation method in battle in the game settings:

  • Mini-map is a miniature image of the entire map.

  • On the radar, only part of the map around the player’s marker is visible. The player’s marker is always in the center.

Added the new map CyberCity.

Reworked map Coastline.

Added sliding.

Disabled speed reduction after the jump to make movements in battle more smooth and dynamic.

The combination of parameters now determines the player’s position in the team according to the battle results. These parameters include damage, kills, kills/death ratio, objectives captured, tokens collected, and medals earned in battle.


The clan system has been added. Clans are available in the Clans tab of the Social section.

There are clans with open or closed membership. To join a clan with a closed membership, the player needs to apply for entry.

Clan creation costs 100,000 BattleCoins. While creating a clan, you need to:

  • Select an emblem of your clan.

  • Enter its name and tag.

  • Provide a brief description of your clan. Tell players about its features, goals, and requirements for joining.

  • Select if it will be a clan with an open or closed membership.

  • Select the clan's region.

The following roles are available in the clan: Leader, Deputy, and Soldier.

The clan chat is available for clan members.

Added the squad chat.

Reworked player name change system:

  • Now players can change their name free only once.

  • Each subsequent change of player name will cost 100 PrimeCoins.


The Supplies section has been replaced with the Storage section.

In the Storage players can find various in-game items (such as containers) received as a reward or purchased in the store.

No keys are needed to open containers.

All players' keys are converted to the appropriate number of supply containers:

  • 100 keys = 1 supply container.

  • 10 elite keys = 1 big supply container.

Supply containers with weapons and Primes can no longer be obtained. Rewards from supply containers have been distributed as rewards across various in-game activities.

Containers with skins for Primes and weapons have been added. These containers can be received as a reward for in-game activities or purchased in the store.

Containers with skins introduce a new mechanic, thanks to which, by opening a certain number of containers, a player is guaranteed to receive a skin of a specific rarity grade.

The drop chance is now indicated for each reward in the container.


The number of levels in the subscription has been reduced to 30.

Every day a player receives 1 level of subscription. The 30th level can be reached in a month.

Intermediate rewards, such as certificates with discounts on upgrades and weapon attachments that can be unlocked with BattleCoins, have been removed.

Instead of attachments and certificates, containers with skins for weapons and Primes are available in the subscription.

Instead of keys, subscribers will receive 50 PrimeCoins every day, and upon reaching level 30 - 100 PrimeCoins every day.

The subscription levels for all subscribers has been recalculated, taking into account the new rules. If necessary, subscribers will be awarded the corresponding rewards. For example, in the old version of the subscription, a player has reached the 15th level on 20th day. After the release of version 4.0, he will have the 20th level of subscription, and he will also be credited with all the rewards from level 16 to level 20.


The reworked interface design and battle results screens.

Added new skins for Primes and weapons.

Added Medals tab in the Profile section.

The overall game performance has been improved and a number of technical issues have been addressed, including:

  • Various connection issues.

  • An issue wherein the game crashes during the battle on iPhone 6 and iPhone 7.

  • An issue wherein markers over the enemies could disappear during the battle.

  • An issue wherein the game freezes on some devices while loading the battle.


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