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Patch Notes – March 2, 2020

The new update introduces a plenty of cool gameplay features.

The update 2.3 has gone live, introducing the reworked marker system, improved controls and aiming, the 60 FPS support for all iOS devices, as well as various gameplay improvements and optimizations.


The marker system has been reworked.

Now, the place of ally/enemy elimination will be marked with the skull icon for some time.

Allies won’t be able to see markers above enemies, who are behind obstacles. Enemies are still displayed on the minimap.

Due to these changes, the more realistic of battle and better game experience will be provided, while the role of mini-map will be increased.

An issue wherein just eliminated enemy could activate POISON's Dirty Bomb, while there were no living enemies in the activation zone, has been fixed.

The Killcam screen, which shows the opponent, who eliminated you, and information about him, has been reworked.

An issue wherein borders on the FOREST map did not display has been fixed.

Tracer effects have been added.


The basic sensitivity settings have been changed.

Two new settings have been introduced:

  • “Camera Look Acceleration” accelerates and enhances camera rotation during movements.

  • “Camera Look Smoothing” makes the movement of the camera smoother.

To turn off any of these settings, you need to set the slider of the corresponding parameter to 0%.

The autoshooting system has been reconfigured due to new control settings.

Improved controls and aiming.


The visual effects in battle and lobby have been optimized to improve game performance.

60 FPS support for all iOS devices has been unlocked.

Graphics modes for all iOS devices have been reworked. Now players can choose one of three modes:

  • “FAVOUR BATTERY”: renders the game in basic resolution; visual effects are turned off.

  • “FAVOUR PERFORMANCE”: renders the game in high resolution; some visual effects are turned off; general game performance is higher.

  • “FAVOUR QUALITY”: renders the game in high/basic resolution (depending on the device); all visual effects are turned on; general graphics quality is higher.

The resolution for “FAVOUR PERFORMANCE” graphics mode has been increased, while the game performance and stability retained, for all iOS devices, excluding iPhone 5s/6/6+, iPad mini 2/3/4, and iPad Air.


Lobby screen has been updated: now, the player’s base is set on the rooftop of Skyrise.

An issue wherein the same player was doubled in the friend list has been fixed.

An issue wherein the actual number of eliminations after the battle differs from the number in the battle results has been fixed.

An issue wherein DLC uploaded once again on some devices after restarting the game has been fixed.

Various connection issues have been addressed, including:

  • An issue wherein the game on some devices could not connect to the server has been fixed.

  • An issue wherein the game crushed on some devices while server synchronization has been fixed.

  • An issue wherein some players got the message that their account is used on another device has been fixed.

  • An issue wherein the error “Connect to the Google Play Services” was shown on iOS devices has been fixed.

  • An issue wherein connection error happened in case of Wi-Fi connection loss while the mobile data was turned on and worked stable has been fixed.

  • An issue wherein skins on Prime Agents was not shown in battle on some devices has been fixed.

  • An issue wherein the MVP animation was not played when collapsing and expanding the game has been fixed.

  • An issue wherein there was no lighting in the lobby on some Android devices has been fixed.

  • An issue wherein the game freeze while loading a training battle has been fixed.


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