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Patch Notes — March 9, 2022

Learn more about the latest in-game changes.

Hello! This is the Battle Prime team. You have prepared a new content patch that includes a fresh season with plenty of in-game activities, as well as some events updates and balance changes.

Check the details below.


Havoc (Jumper), Black Mamba (Vision), and Prisoner (Poison) have escaped the Void Zone that was compromised by the Slipknot (Quarterback) during his CyberCity invasion.

Now you have to stop these outlaws from destroying the CyberVerse...

Join the Season of Outlaws: level up a brand-new Battle Pass, climb the Leaderboard, complete missions, spin the Seasonal Roulette, and earn rewards.


From March 9, 2021 (12:00 UTC) to June 1, 2021 (12:00 UTC).


Participate in battles and earn Battle Pass XP to level up Battle Pass and receive rewards.

There are 101 levels with rewards in Battle Pass. Some of the level rewards are free. To unlock others, you need to upgrade your Battle Pass to Elite. This can be done in the Battle Pass section.

Upgrade cost:

  • Standard Elite Pass — 800 PrimeCoins.

  • Elite Pass PLUS (+20 levels skip) — 1,800 PrimeCoins.

All Elite Pass owners will also receive a +25% bonus to Battle Pass XP for each battle. Thus,you can level up Battle Pass and get rewards faster.

Free rewards:

  • Uncommon skins from Comics Zone collection.

  • Containers with uncommon animated skins from Noxious collection.

  • Weapon boosters.

IMPORTANT: Level 101 with free reward can be completed up to 50 times.

Elite rewards:


  • Epic skin HAVOC for JUMPER.

  • Epic skin BLACK MAMBA for VISION.


  • Epic skin TOTEM for VK-15.

  • Epic skin PHOTON for MR-U.

  • Rare skin GUERILLA for GENESIS.

  • Rare skin BUZZKILL for SUPER SG.

  • Rare skin INSECTICIDE for CMG.

  • Uncommon skins the SPOTTY collection.

  • Containers with uncommon skins from ACE and GRUNGE containers.

  • Avatars and avatar frames.

  • 800 PrimeCoins.

  • BattleCoins.

  • Weapon boosters.

  • Prime and Weapon XP Cards.

Also, when you upgrade a Battle Pass to Elite Pass PLUS, you will immediately receive:

  • Avatar GANGSTA.

  • Epic skin TOTEM for TGT.

  • Legendary Weapon XP Card.

  • Legendary Prime XP Card.


As usual, complete Special seasonal missions to earn BattleCoins.

Also, we have slightly reworked the progression of Special Missions:

  • Both weekly and daily missions become easier.

  • We will earn almost all available BattleCoins for completing weekly missions. However, if you are active and complete all daily missions we will additional BattleCoins.


To spin Seasonal Roulette you will need BattleCoins.

Unique (do not repeat) rewards:

  • Rare skin ROAR for VK-15.

  • Uncommon skins SPOTTY for MGC-4.

  • URSA MINOR avatar.

Repeating rewards:

  • Weapon and Prime XP Cards.

  • TECH Container with TECHIE, UPLINKED, and HARDWARE skin collections.

  • 20 PrimeCoins.

Also, for certain spins, you will receive 100 PrimeCoins.


Seasonal Hunt is a brand new in-game event related to the Battle Pass progression.

You need to get and open Noxious Containers that Prisoner (Poison) has distributed through all Battle Pass.

By opening Noxious Containers you will receive progress points. After you earn enough progress points you will get one of the event rewards.


Join the ranked battles, earn Trophies, climb the leaderboard, and receive cool seasonal rewards.

Ranked battles are available to all players. For each ranked match in Battle Prime you receive Trophies. The total number of your Trophies shows your rank. Increase your rank to move from one league to another, climb the leaderboard, and get rewards.

There are six leagues in total: Fighter, Warrior, Master, Veteran, Hero, and Legend.

With the season’s start, the rank of all players resets. You need to complete 10 calibration battles to determine your starting rank in the current season.

In addition to experiencing the thrill of victory, players can also unlock exclusive seasonal avatars for reaching certain leagues/divisions.

NOTE! The reward is accrued as soon as you reach the corresponding league/division. If you have lost your Trophies and moved to a lower level, the reward will not be accrued when you reach this league/division again.

At the end of season, the best Battle Prime players at the top of the global leaderboard will receive PrimeCoins:

  • 1st place — 1.200 PrimeCoins

  • 2nd-3rd places — 1.000 PrimeCoins

  • 4th–25th places — 800 PrimeCoins

  • 26th–50th places — 400 PrimeCoins

  • 51th–100th places — 100 PrimeCoins


Several in-game events also have been updated:

  • Seasonal Monthly Calendar has been replaced with Daily Login Reward. Daily Login event progress and rewards updates weekly.

  • Playlist Missions has been replaced with Ranked Missions. These missions can be completed only in Ranked game modes. Also, we have slightly reworked the difficulty of missions to make them a bit easier.

  • Two new Roulettes have been added: Into the Wasteland and High Voltage.


The number of Ranked modes has been decreased to 6. Sabotage and Gunplay 3v3 modes have been removed, because there were not so popular as other game modes. This change will help to increase the number of real players in other matches.

The cost of creating clan has been increased from 100.000 BattleCoins up to 300.000 BattleCoins.

Jumper's stun has been enabled. However, we have decreased the radius of the affected zone from 7,5 to 6 m.


We welcome your feedback on the latest changes to Battle Prime. You can share it on our official social media, as well as in the official Discord.


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