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Patch Notes — November 22, 2023

The Black Friday update has been released!

Hello! This is the Battle Prime team. We have prepared a minor Black Friday content update.

Check the details below.


A special BLACK FRIDAY section in the Store has been added.

It features several bundles with 80% discount each. These bundles includes containers with skins, gameplay content (like Prime & Weapons), and resources.

Each bundle can be bought only once.


By purchasing containers from the Black Firday section you can complete missions of the special SERAPH HUNT event and earn valuable rewards, including Legendary Machinegun SERAPH.

If you already have SERAPH or obtained it via SERAPH HUNT event, you can focus on SERAPH RESEARCH activity.

By completing SERAPH RESEARCH missions you earn Black Friday Coupons that can be used to spin BLACK FRIDAY ROULETTE that features SERAPH Blueprints.

The roulette includes 270 SERAPH Blueprints — can be used to upgrade SERAPH from level 1 to level 7.


We welcome your feedback on the latest changes to Battle Prime. You can share it on our official social media, as well as in the official Discord.


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