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Patch Notes – September 2, 2020

Learn more about the in-game changes.

In the new update the overall game performance has been improved and a number of issues have been addressed, including:

  • An issue wherein some in-game event rewards were given automatically while others had to be claimed. Now all in-game event rewards must be claimed on the event screen.

  • An issue wherein the in-game event was disabled after the release of all weekly missions.

  • An issue wherein respawn points worked incorrectly in the Control mode.

  • An issue wherein the location of some objects on the Oldtown mini-map did not correspond to the actual one. The mini-map was improved in accordance with the new location of objects.

  • An issue wherein the interior of some buildings on the Outpost map was too dark.

  • An issue wherein the sky on the Wasteland map was too bright.

  • An issue wherein the voice message about switching sides was heard at the end of the battle in TDM Rounds and Harvest Rounds modes.

  • An issue wherein the voiceover of some quick commands (orders) did not play.

  • An issue wherein the in-game currency icon did not load on the purchase button.

  • An issue wherein the clan description was not displayed in the clan profile.

  • An issue wherein some players could not join the custom battle.

  • An issue wherein players did not receive invitations to join custom battles.

  • Various issues wherein the game crashed.

  • An issue wherein the game froze on some devices while loading the battle.

  • An issue wherein textures of various objects disappeared after several battles on some Android devices.


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