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Primes and weapons changes

New balance improvements make gameplay more fast-paced and battles more intense.

After the release of update 4.0.2, we have carefully analyzed gameplay and followed your feedback. Based on the received data and taking into account your suggestions, we provided several game balance improvements. These changes will make gameplay more fast-paced and battles more intense, add more tactics in action, and allow players to prove themselves in battle more easily.


New changes of weapon characteristics are aimed both at improving the balance after the previous update and increasing the overall dynamics of the game. Now players can single-handedly eliminate entire groups of enemies and quickly adapt to the situation in battle.

All Weapons

  • Increased single-bullet damage by 15% and single-bullet speed by 25%. These changes increase the pace of the game and make battles more intense by reducing the TTK.

  • Increased weapon switch speed by 25% and decreased enter the ADS time by 25%. The faster players can switch weapons in battle and enter the ADS mode, the quicker they can react to enemy actions.

Machine Guns

  • Decreased reload time for all machine guns and increased magazine capacity for VKP-16 and MG27. These changes allow players to reload machine guns faster and less frequently and, as a result, make the gameplay for THUNDER, VITYAZ, and QUARTERBACK more dynamic.


  • Decreased delay of the first shot in automatic shooting mode. We decided to reduce the first shot delay slightly to increase the comfort of playing with shotguns. This change isn't dramatic, and it won't lead to instant kills from a weapon of this type in close combat in auto-shooting mode.

Submachine Guns

  • Decreased effective firing range and increased dispersion when firing from the hip. After the previous balance changes submachine guns became too powerful at medium and long ranges. That is why we decided to decrease both their effective firing range and their effectiveness when firing from the hip.

  • Improved recoil for MRX to make it in line with the rest weapons of this type.

Assault Rifles

  • Improved recoil for F1, F2-M, and VK-12 to make it in line with the rest weapons of this type.


The main changes of the Primes characteristics were aimed to enhance their mobility, as well as rework the jumping system.

Key changes:

  • Increased speed in the ADS.

  • Increased speed while shooting.

  • Increased sprint speed.

These improvements will increase the dynamics of the game, as well as make battles more tactical, allowing players to take advantageous positions, move between key locations on the map, and evade enemy fire quicker.

Also, we added a slight slowdown of Primes after the jump to reduce the effect of bunny hopping, which distorts the visual picture of the battle and allows repeatedly jumping players to move even faster, as well as aim and attack enemies more effectively.

Moreover, due to the increased mobility of Primes, we also made the following changes:

  • Prime's health starts to regenerate after 4 seconds instead of 5.

  • QUARTERBACK takes more damage while his ability is active. This change will balance the Quarterback's very high speed while his Touchdown system is active.

  • VITYAZ absorbs 50% damage instead of 40% while his ability is active. This change will balance his slowdown while Arctic Shield is active against the background of a general increase of in-game speed.

We will continue to make changes of Primes characteristics if necessary so that their abilities better fit into the course of the battle and emphasize heroes' features.


All these improvements became possible thanks to the feedback from players, and we appreciate you helping us. We will continue to monitor gameplay, accumulate and analyze data for further improvements. Also, we welcome your feedback on the latest changes in the game. You can share it on our official social media, as well as in the official Discord.


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