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The Dark Division Battle Pass

Check out all information about the next Battle Pass.

Primes have been compromised: agents went dark and formed a special unit, the Dark Division. Now you, acting alone or in a squad, must do everything to restore justice.

Within 4 weeks, complete the Dark Division Battle Pass missions and receive unique rewards. 50 stages with valuable prizes, including new epic skins for Primes from the Dark Collection, are waiting for you!

As usual, you have two variants of Battle Pass: free and elite.

All players can get for free:

  • Common, uncommon, and rare skins for Primes and weapons.

  • Common containers with skins.

  • 50,000 BattleCoins.

All owners of the Elite Pass in addition to free rewards can also receive:

  • Epic skins for weapons and Primes, including Dark Flash skin for SHOCK, Dark Armor skin for VITYAZ, and Dark Eye skin for VISION.

  • Enhanced containers with skins.

  • 150,000 BattleCoins.

You can purchase Elite Pass in the Battle Pass section. The standard Elite Pass costs 500 PrimeCoins, while the Elite Pass Plus (also immediately unlocks 15 Battle Pass stages) costs 1,200 PrimeCoins.


Join the Dark Division, complete Battle Pass missions, and get worthy rewards. See you on the battlefield!


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