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The progression system update

Linear in-game progress and new ways to unlock the content.

Battle Prime AI has analyzed all in-game systems and community feedback. Some issues have been determined based on the obtained data, including matchmaker, difficulties with unlocking new content, and not renewable Trophy Road. To solve these problems, the progress system has been reworked.

Updated system highlights:

  • Progression is now linear: new content can be unlocked by leveling up an account, Primes, and weapons.

  • The modification system for Primes and weapons has become simpler.

  • Trophy Road rewards are updated and tied to competitive seasons


Most of the game content can be obtained by leveling up your account, Primes, or weapons. To increase the level, you need to battle and earn EXP. The more active you are in battle, the more XP you receive, and the faster you unlock new content.

When you level up your account, all experience gained in battle is taken into account. When you level up Prime and weapon, only the experience that was earned when you use this Prime or weapon in battle is considered.

Rewards and content for unlocking levels:

  • ACCOUNT: Primes and weapons, as well as in-game resources and customization.

  • PRIME: perks, in-game resources, and customization.

  • WEAPON: attachments, in-game resources, and customization.


Characteristics of Primes and weapons have been reset. Now they correspond to the 1st upgrade level before the release of Update 6.0. Currently, only perks and attachments are used to modify Primes and weapons, respectively.

Perks are special modifications that allow you to adjust Primes to your playstyle. Perks can be installed on the Prime adjustment screen. In total, you can install up to 3 perks.

Attachments are modifications for weapons that allow you to improve a particular weapon's weaknesses and increase its effectiveness. Attachments were presented in Battle Prime before. However, with the release of Update 6.0, their role has expanded. Therefore, sights, grips, magazines, and muzzle modifications were added to the system.

Perks and attachments do not provide a significant advantage in battle. They only allow more detailed adjustment of Primes and weapons. This will help avoid situations when players with high-level equipment are met in battle and improve matchmaker balance.


With the release of Update 6.0, the unlocking of new content has become a part of the account level's main game progression. That is why the Trophy Road became renewable and was tied to the competitive season.

The first official competitive season of Battle Prime has already started, and you can receive new rewards for completing Trophy Road. HOORAY!


Check answers to frequently asked questions.

- Is the level of the account, Primes and weapons reset?

- The level of weapons and primes is preserved. The account level is reset.

- Will the content received before the release of update 6.0 be preserved?

- Yes. You'll keep everything you’ve already earned and unlocked.

- Can weapons and weapon attachments still be unlocked with BattleCoins?

- No. Weapons can be unlocked by leveling up your account, while weapon attachments — by leveling up weapons.

- Will there be any compensation for the account level rewards that players already have?

- Yes. For example, if you already have Prime VITYAZ, you will receive an appropriate compensation when you reach the corresponding account level.


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