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The "RELOADED" Battle Pass

All details about the upcoming Battle Pass!

In the 3rd season, the battle simulation will be reloaded! You will be able to get the deadly ISOTOPE into your Primes Collection, as well as unlock the stylish skins for your agents and replenish reserves of BattleCoins and supply containers keys.

As usual, you will have two variants of Battle Pass: free and elite.

All owners of the Elite Pass, which costs 1,200 PrimeCoins, will be able to get ISOTOPE.

ISOTOPE is armed with an assault rifle, a shotgun, and uses the Reactor Core in battle. All these make him one of the deadliest agents in close combat. The launched Reactor Core crashes enemies' HUD within its range. The explosion of the Core releases radiation that breaks through all obstacles and deals damage to all enemies in the affected area.

The Elite Pass also provides access to 70 stages with elite rewards among which:

  • 9 skins for Prime Agents, including new skins for THUNDER and QUARTERBACK.

  • A total of 1,080,000 BattleCoins, 11,200 common keys, and 50 elite keys.

At the same time, all players can get for free:

  • Skins for SHOCK, VITYAZ, and POISON, which earlier could only be unlocked with PrimeCoins.

  • A total of 320,000 BattleCoins and 2,800 common keys.

Also, in the new season, we reworked daily and weekly missions, making them more balanced in terms of difficulty.


Complete missions to open Battle Pass stages and earn seasonal rewards. And remember, everything you get before the season's over is yours to keep. Forever and ever!


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