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The Urban Wave Battle Pass

Check the latest information about the upcoming Battle Pass.

Summer is in its peak and the 4th Season of Battle Prime is gaining momentum!

Within 4 weeks, complete the Urban Wave Battle Pass missions and receive awesome seasonal rewards. 50 stages with valuable prizes, including new epic skins for Primes and weapons, are waiting for you!

As usual, you have two variants of Battle Pass: free and elite.

All players can get for free:

  • Common, uncommon, and rare skins for Primes and weapons.

  • Common containers with skins.

  • 50,000 BattleCoins.

You can purchase Elite Pass in the Battle Pass section. The standard Elite Pass costs 500 PrimeCoins, while the Elite Pass Plus (also immediately unlocks 15 Battle Pass stages) costs 1,200 PrimeCoins.

All owners of the Elite Pass in addition to free rewards can also receive:

  • Epic skins for weapons and Primes, including Plague skin for POISON, Stickerbomb skins for VITYAZ and BLAST.

  • Enhanced and seasonal containers with skins.

  • 150,000 BattleCoins.

  • 500 PrimeCoins.

Thus, all owners of the Elite Pass can fully or partially return PrimeCoins invested in its purchase!


It’s time to go crazy and grab some cool rewards! So, join the Urban Wave party, complete Battle Pass missions, and receive exclusive rewards. See you on the battlefield.

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