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Thunder & Lightning Battle Pass

Everything you need to know about the new Battle Pass.

Flashes of lightning strike from the cloudless sky and peals of thunder rumble all around — the brand-new Battle Pass is fully charged with cool content. Complete daily and weekly missions, as usual, to open Battle Pass stages with exclusive rewards. The main prize is the new Prime Agent THUNDER!

THUNDER is armed with a handgun and a machine gun. She can charge up bullets with electricity with her advanced power bank Thunderstruck. Charged bullets not only deal damage but also shakes the target interfering with aiming. If the charged bullet hits the obstacle, the shaking effect will also affect enemies, who are nearby.

THUNDER is an elite reward, so only owners of the new Elite Pass will be able to get it. In the second season, Elite Pass costs 1,200 PrimeCoins.

As before, Elite Pass provides access to stages with elite rewards including new weapons, Azure Warrior skin for SHOCK and Lightning skin for THUNDER, as well as uncommon and rare skins for THUNDER’s weapons.

Moreover, all players will be able to get fast and furious Prime Agent QUARTERBACK with the uncommon skin Rusher, and uncommon skins for VISION, VITYAZ and SHOCK.

So: complete missions to open Battle Pass stages and earn seasonal rewards. And remember, everything you get before the season’s over is yours to keep. Forever and ever!


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