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Upcoming Loging Fix

The loss of in-game progress for some players will be fixed.

We are actively working on the next update, which will be full of cool and long-waited features, as well as various bug fixes and optimizations. One of the issues that will be addressed is the loss of in-game progress for some players.

Usually, if Battle Prime couldn’t connect to your Game Center or Google Play ID, it will connect to your device ID and create a new player profile. In that case, you might lose your in-game progress. That’s why we reworked our login system, so the device ID and Game Center or Google Play ID have common progress.

When the next update goes live, most of you will see the notification that several accounts have been found. You will need to select the account you want to use in the future. If one of these accounts was connected to your device ID, the account you did not select would be deleted, so the progress of the primary account could become common for both device and service ID.


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