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Welcome to Battle Prime!

The game is available worlwide.

Fast-paced action, guns of different calibers, unique heroes, and a lot of rewards — this is all Battle Prime. The next gen digital battles have already started, so it is time to join the fight!


Play as Primes: heroes with unique abilities and formidable arsenal. Team up with your friends and fight shoulder-to-shoulder against a common enemy. And if the situation calls for a new strategy, swap heroes mid-game to adapt to the ever-changing battlefield.


Join the ranks of the Battle Prime fighters and clash in one of three game modes:

  • TEAM DEATHMATCH: Eliminate your enemies and earn winning points.

  • DOMINATION: Capture and hold control zones.

  • HARVEST: Eliminate your opponents and collect tokens from the defeated fighters.

Harvest and Team Deathmatch game modes are not available from the start. Progress through the Trophy Road to get access to them.


Every battle in the game is a rating battle. The better you perform in combat, the more cups you receive. Every cup you gain brings you closer to a new rating level. Increase your rating to progress through the Trophy Road and earn exclusive rewards.


Complete missions to progress through the Battle Pass stages and earn seasonal rewards. Everything you get before the season’s over is yours to keep. Forever and ever!


Fight, win, and receive rewards! And don’t forget to share your feedback on the game in our social networks. Your comments and ideas are helping make Battle Prime the best team-based shooter in the world. Launch is just the beginning!


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