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Patch Notes – July 31, 2020

The update 4.2 has gone live, introducing the reworked weapon balance, enhanced Primes mobility, as well as various bug fixes and optimizations.


Battle Pass Urban Wave has been extended for two weeks as most players noted that four weeks to receive all Battle Pass rewards is not enough.


New changes of weapons and Primes charaсteristics were primarily aimed at increasing the overall dynamics of the game. Main changes:

  • Increased single-bullet damage for all weapons.

  • Increased single-bullet speed for all weapons.

  • Decreased enter the ADS time for all weapons.

  • Increased weapon switch speed.

  • Increased speed of Primes in the ADS.

  • Increased speed of Primes while shooting.

  • Increased sprint speed.

In addition, we added a slight slowdown of Primes after the jump to reduce the effect of bunny hopping, which distorts the visual picture of the battle and allows repeatedly jumping players to move even faster, as well as aim and attack enemies more effectively. Moreover, we continue to provide the balance changes of weapons and Primes to improve your comfort of the game.

For more details on balance changes, check this article.

Also, in update 4.2:

  • Fixed an issue wherein kills after the explosion of POISON’s bomb in the Skirmish mode was not counted, if POISON was already dead.

  • Improved textures on the Bunker map.

  • Reworked animations of sprinting.


The overall game performance has been improved, and various technical issues have been addressed, including:

  • Issues wherein the game crashed on some Android and iOS devices.

  • An issue wherein the BZ_ASSERT_failed notification was shown on some devices.

  • An issue wherein in-game resources were not downloading on some Android devices.

  • An issue wherein the visual effect of VITYAZ's ability did not disappear after the ability activity ended.

  • An issue wherein the game loading time was increased on some devices.

  • An issue wherein the progress bar showed 0/0 Mb while downloading some additional game files.

  • An issue wherein controls were not working sometimes on several devices.

  • An issue wherein the weapons switch animation was not working in some cases.


We welcome your feedback on the latest changes to Battle Prime. You can share it in our official social media, as well as in the official Discord.


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