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Patch Notes – October 29, 2020

The update 6.0 has gone live, introducing the progression system update, new Primes, weapons, attachments, and skins, as well as emotions and avatars.


  • New Battle Pass Operation THUNDERBIRD is available.

  • You don’t need to complete missions to progress through Battle Pass anymore. Just play the game, earn EXP, and level up Battle Pass to receive rewards.

  • Elite Pass both provides access to levels with Elite Rewards and 25% Battle Pass EXP bonus per battle. Thus, you can level up and get all rewards faster.

  • Battle Pass rewards include skins for Primes and weapons, containers with customization, and in-game resources.

  • You can complete the last level of Battle Pass up to 50 times and receive up to 50 containers with skins from the Ace collection.


  • Most of the game content can be obtained by leveling up your account, Primes, or weapons. To increase the level, you need to battle and earn EXP.

  • When you level up your account, all experience gained in battle is taken into account. When you level up Prime and weapon, only the experience that was earned when you use this Prime or weapon is considered.

  • Characteristics of Primes and weapons have been reset. Now they correspond to the 1st upgrade level before the release of Update 6.0.

  • Only perks and attachments are used to modify Primes and weapons, respectively.

  • You'll keep all the content you’ve already earned and unlocked.

You can find more information on the progression system improvements here.


  • 3 new battle modes, including Gunplay, Gunplay 3v3, and Gunplay Arena, were added.

  • You need to kill the opposing team with a handgun or capture the Access Point at the end of the round in Gunplay and Gunplay 3v3 battle modes. Respawns during a round are disabled.

  • You need to kill enemies with a handgun to reach the goal and win in the Gunplay Arena battle mode.


Battle Prime has launched the referral program. Now you can invite friends to join you in the game, complete tasks, and receive valuable rewards.


The Rewards Calendar was added. Log in every day and claim rewards. The 7th-day prize is Prime Agent QUARTERBACK. The main reward is Prime Agent POISON.


The 1st competitive season of Battle Prime has started. Join the rating battle, earn Trophies, climb the leaderboard, and receive exclusive seasonal rewards.


Two new Prime Agents (JUMPER and GLITCH) were added.

Perks for Primes were added. Perks are special modifications that allow you to adjust Primes to your playstyle.

New weapons, including sniper rifle J28, shotgun TACT-15, as well as handguns PGT, HAWK, Oxen, Magnus, and Krueger M-XIII, were added.

New weapon attachments, including sights, grips, magazines, and muzzle modifications, were added.

New skins for Primes and weapons were added.

Avatars were added. You can install avatars in your Profile.

Emotes for Primes were added. You can equip emotes in the Prime’s customization menu.


  • With the new progression system release, the Premium Subscription was reworked to make it more welcoming and valuable in line with the latest game changes.

  • The Subscription before update 6.0 was canceled. You won’t be able to renew it. All players have already received the corresponding compensation in PrimeCoins (taking into account the number of days remaining and non received content).

  • A new Premium Subscription is available, featuring bonus EXP for each battle and daily PrimeCoins income. You can check more details on the new Premium Subscription in our Store.


The overall game performance has been improved, and a number of technical issues have been addressed, including various bugs related to the in-game sound and network connection problems.


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